Drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and sewing...

Things you usually find me doing at midnight.

There´s a special feeling when living life in unexpected ways. There´s power in being unique and wisdom in being different.


Ride a bike underwater, speak up your drunken truths, and choose to see life in different colors.

My latest project, Kiosko, is evidence of how I can´t define myself as a designer in a specific area. The idea of bringing my thoughts into the physical world drove me to study Industrial Design at SCAD.

During my college years, I exposed myself to other areas like

e-commerce, package design, service design, and UX. With a passion for all of these fields, I decided not to stick to one in particular. Today, I do creative consulting to different brands and companies.

I can keep talking about myself, but we should be talking about what we can make together.

Let’s grab a beer, coffee, some chicken fingers, or jump on a quick call.